Waiting for EXAMS TO BE OVER!!!!~~

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Its the 14th of July 2008, and my 1st semester finals are just around the corner.. By saying around the corner, i mean in 5 days time!!!!! And unsurprisingly, the best part is that i'm already planning what to do for my holidays, rather than planning for my exams....lolz,,

Right now i'm sitting at the Help college's main block corridor with my two friends wyatt and josh, waiting for my 9.30 class to start. Theres one thing that i'm looking forward to, and that is the football match this comin thursday against the current Help college team. My coach says that from this match, he'll be analysing our fitness level, tectical skills and teamwork. And from this, he'll individually hand pick us to represent the college for a "nine a side" team that will have to play against other colleges somewhere at the end of this month. We's already had 4 practice sessions in the past month, and all i can say is that i've improved in my game, and of course met many new freinds. There are quite a fair number of foreign students playing with us, and most of them are from Africa. There are also 2 Iranian blokes, who used to play for their state back in Iran.

The training sessions are really crazy, i must tell you, as our coach pushes us to our body's limits. By the end of the day, we end up doing approx 100 stomach crunches in the period of 15 minutes. And we even have to follow a certain diet, as in no junk food, and no sweets or chocs. Everyday, we've to have at lest one meal of rice, and before every training session, we'll have to consume 2 bananas at least!!..Oh ya...and my coach is a PHD holder!!!!......chun or wat,....

My next training session would be tmr, and i hope that i'll get well soon as i'm having i slight flu and soar throat....:(.....Oh and and...on the 29th of this month, CHELSEA will be taking on MALAYSIA's national squad at the shah alam stadium..i'm really lokin forward to going for that match, as i plan to cheer my national team on against one of my greatest English rival teams...

well,  i guess thats all for now, as time does not permit me to type anymore...it already 9.05, and i have to pack up and start walking to class soon, and pass this lap top back to wyatt. So till the next time,..CHIAO!!!!


its been over ten days since i published my lst post, and finally something interesting has happened.
i mean...not that my life aint interesting or anything as such, but something really cool has to happen for me to actually blog it down, la...haha...
so it was the 25th of june, at around 12.40 pm, at Help uni main block's lower fowyer.
members of the student council and other students gathered around as there were rumours about a FREEZE going to take place..
my close friend aka classmate, Joshua was in charge of this event, so he was about to give us all a speach and a preview on how it was to be done.. so he plugged in a lap top to the tv set, and showed us a sample of a FREEZE that was held in the U.S.
by the time his speacha dn the preview ended, it was approx 1.00. so he told us that our freeze time would be from 1.10 to 1.15 pm that day.. it was kinda exiting, as this was my first freeze event that i was going to take part in. so angeline, and myself headed towards the corridor where it was to be held. all of us kept lookin at our watches and picked our spots to freeze...lol...
it was already 1.06, and out of the blue, someone came up to me and put a sign board around my neck saying "HMC FREEZE". i was kinda reluctant to wear it, but hey, wat the heck, eh...
it was 1.07, and Miss Chriss, out english lecturer popped out of nowhere, and said.."hey, after this freeze thing, i want you all to go for a talk on HIV.." I mean....was that just random or wat...hahah..
Before we knew it, ppl were counting down 10...9...8.7...6...5...4..3...2...and when it was time to reach "1", everyone involved FROZE!!!! after around 1 minute, a few stuents that did't know wat was goin on, looked dead blur and confused.!!..
they would walk passed us and keep staring as if they had just seen a ghost...
about 3 minuts into the FREEZE, my legs were starting to cramp up, as i froze while i was walking..not only that, but my eyes startid to water as well, as the air-cond was blowing right into them...
then thru the side of my eyes, i spotted Eugene, another close friend of mine, walking around taking a video of the whole event. he looked very excited, though...
then soon after, i heard Dila counting down again for the freeze to be over...by now, i was anxiously waiting for her to say "1", as my legs were slightly shivering already..lol..
as soon as she said "1", everyone cheered and clapped their hands as a sign of joy and acomplishment..
After it was all over, my frens and myself headed to the DSA to go study, as we had a computing test at 3.30.
It was indeed a great and successfull event, the freeze..
realy cant wait for the video to be up in you tube, as we're the first college to do a freeze, if i've not mistaken...
so till the sky showers us with milo ice again, peace out, yo...
(just ignore the milo ice thingy aight...kinda random...;))



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For the past whole week, i was suffering in fear, as the the parents & teachers day was just around the corner. i could hardly eat, hardly sleep, and even hardly shit!!! hahahaha...
so the day came...the 14Th of June, 2006. it was a bright Saturday morning, and my parents were eager to get feedback from my lecturers about my performance in college.
so then we arrived, and registered at the main entrance. first of all, we met miss. Chris. she's my english lecturer. and i was kinda surprised that a recieved positive remarks from her, considering the fact that i was a little too active in her class at times.
Then next was miss. Debbie..!!!! why i used exclamation marks you may ask.?...hahaha well, lest just say i find her pretty interesting to listen to...;)
so my dad like asked.."is he being disruptive in class..?" with a distinct smile in her face, she replied...."well, no no no..he's not disruptive at all....in fact, i enjoy having him in my class.."
I mean...could my day get any better?
that was the most interesting part la...as for the comments from mr. Naj and mr. Levin, i would say it was mediocre, and i was satisfied...lolz...
so till the next time something interesting happens in my life,.....tataa....

I'M BACK....!!!!

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So.....here a am once again......
wel, first of all i'd like to apologise to my dear readers for finding my blog kinda halted for a while..
wel, this was because there have been quite a few things that have been happening in my life, hence keeping me too busy to blog it out. My mid terms arejust over, so i am kinda free for the time being, till one of my lecturers come up wif another assignment la..haha....
in this post, i really dont have anything much to write, as nothing much has really hapened in my life so far..(pretty sad,huh). so yeah...um...all thats happened is....i attended my uncle's wedding, where in the en of the functon, the hotel crew did't have any rnb songs for us to dance to. wat else......um....oh yeah...the pictures for that wedidng were taken by this photographer, zach chin by name. and let me tell you, his work really impresed me, inspite of the fact of me not being a fan of photography. i mean....the way he took thoe pictures....aaahhhh....the angle, the lighting, the time...oh god...amazing...wanna check out his work, visit http://zachchin.com/blog/, and just scroll down to enjoy the pictures. well, i guess thats all for now...so till the next time,

!!! my very first ELECTION !!!

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WELL WELL WELL......guess what...its my very first election!!!!

jsut so you'd know, i'm currently running for the "creative director" post for the HELP METRICULATION CENTRE (HMC) student council. so does this mean that i get to become more famous? do i get more contacts? do i get to know more chicks?? hahaha..

the best part of all this is, i'm running againt my close colelge classmate, Angeline..

its kinda weired, because we actually help each other out in making our respective posters. i mean...who would do such things? And few days back, another person who was running for the same post, by the name of Melissa, came up to Angelin and i in this typical chinese accent, saying... "hi, i'm running agianst you two hoh..so we all still fwens hoh...dowan fighting fighting wan ah...oh ok ok...bubbye..."

Hahaha,,,,it really was hillarious...i guess the poor gal was kinda scared that we might tear down her posters......LOLZZZ..

so anyway, here's my poster..if any of you reading this are currently studying at hmc, pls vote me alright....
peace out.....

~~A night to remember~~

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It was 6.06pm. I had just woken up from a good 3 hour afternoon nap that i had taken after a big lunch of traditional banana leaf rice at RAJU'S restaurant.
i got dressed and ready for the function that night, "Hawaiian Night".. So i put on my shorts that had flowers printed on it, and a nice blue see thru shirt. i left the house at approx 6.45pm, and headed towards taylor's college, where the function was to be held. i reached there at sharp seven, and called my friends jon and shankar to check what time they'll be arriving. i then walked to the nearby bank to withdraw some cash for the night...i returned to my car that i had parked near the college, to enjoy a lil bit of air-cond, and it really was a humid day. in no time, jon had arrived, and he sat with me in my car while we waited for shankar to arrive. my gf also was on her way there from her home in ampang. all of a sudden, i get a call from her saying that she had taken a wrong turn and was heading towards PUTRAJAYA!!!!!!!!!!...wat the hell??? so i did my best by trying to guide her back, but it was useless, as she was already on a main highway and there was no turning back. then another call came...this time she said that her car was jerking and she was scared it might break down in the middle of the highway. by now, even i was panicking, as she was driving her dad's trooper alone with gurwin. judging by her voice on the phone, i could easily tell that she was almost about to break down and cry, before the car even did break down.. so i told her to pull over at any public landmark nearby, and wait for em there.
fortunately, they found their way to carrefour, which was very near to my hse. so jon and i raced back in my car from subang back to sri petaing, and when we reached nearby, there was a rally bad jam. my heart was pounding as i was getting more and more worried about my girl. she kept on calling and asking me where i was. after about 2 long minutes in the jam, i had had enough.
i got down in the middle of the road, and started running towards carrefour, where they were waiting. by now, shankar had already reached taylor's and he was waiting for us. i told him that my gf's car was i a bad condition, but he wouldn't' understand for some damn reason, and started getting all angry. so i ran la, fr a good 2000 meters pass the long stretch of traffic, and finally reached her trooper. i got in, and started the vehicle, and yes it was shaking a lil bit extra than normal, but you know la, how much girls add on to describe a situation. i got in and waited for jon to come in my car to meet us up, so that we could shoot off to subang as fast as possible.
in ten minutes, he arrived and i was still trying to catch my breath from the long marathon i just had.,.lol...as soon as he came, we shot off at approx 140km/h to subang.
So we arrived, at it was around 8.20pm. shakar had been waiting for about 50 minutes, and his rage was building. as soon as we arrived, we met up with him, and he was showing his mood la, as expected. shank, this is for you.. "dei cock fellow, understand la..emergency means sure late right..not like i went to ulu yam or anything..."
So it took him around ten minutes to calm down, and we entered the hall to find some lame ass rock band trying to entertain the crowd. But the food was good though, they had fish balls, noodles, nuggets, and much more.
ok, lets skip to the interesting part., where i won best dressed male!!! hahaa.
you see, when the MC announced that whoever thinks they're best dressed, pls come on stage, all the jakoons that i came with, pushed me up the stage..haha...i was like blinded for awhile...
then when the mc announced my name, shank, jon, gurwin , my gf, and the rest of our frens suddenly started screaming out my name and cheering me on!!!! i was shocked..
it ended up being the loudest cheer for Mr.best dressed, and i won unanimously!!!! haha..
the prize was pretty cool, a kfc voucher for one dinner snack plate. haha....
then the dance floor opened....and damn, i must say that i was dancing fairly calmly, till the dj decided 2 play some bhangra!!! man, you should hv seen shank, jon and myself...we were dancin so crazily until the Chinese guys actually stopped to watch us do out bhangra....hahha...
by the time we stopped, my legs were bloody killing me!!! and it was already 11.00pm!! my my my...how time flies....so we all decided to head to asia cafe and grab a drink..unfortunately shankar had to head home, as his mom was already harassing him to be back....
so jon, girwin, my gf and myself walked to asia cafe, and ordered our respective drinks.
jon and myself had an ice cold tiger beer each, as gurwin had coke and my girl entertained herself with 'ais kacang". after that, we all headed to out respective vehicles to head home, but before i left, my gf told me that she was scared to drive her trooper in the condition that it was in. so i drove in front of her trooper, and guided her all the way back to ampang, and then i drove back to o.u.g.
just before i entered the turning to my housing area, there was a road block. i freaked out and thought i was in deep shit, as my car had white lights on. sure enuf, i got pulled over.
the cop asked for my driving license, and from it, he knew that i lived nearby. as he was asking me some lame ass questions, i noticed another cop flashing a torchlight inside my car and my booth, as though they suspected me of carrying some illegal shit!!! ahha...
since i was clean, they let me off and guess what.....i escaped with my white lights yet again!!!!!


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hv you ever had this friend that would just try to do everything within one's power to get rid of your friendship with others? Well, WALLAH*** i indeed know someone just like that..
you see, i dont wanna mention names, la...tryin to keep this blog real, u see..
i know this guy X. By some way, my close friend X gets introduced to my friend from another side, called Y. so as time goes on, X and Y keep getting closer, and share stories and all la...
but one thing you must know...Y loves to flirt like fucks!!! Y cant bloody stop flirting...for all i know, Y flirts wif her own father!!! hahaha.......so one day, Y finds a boyfiriend, la...so X stays away, and tries to respect Y's privacy...but unfortunately, Y keeps on flirting wif X..!..
X is only human to respond in a flirty manner, but X still does not go overboard. X stays within his boundaries...all of a sudden, Y starts accusing X of flirting wif Y and for sending "love smses" late at night. soon after, Y's so called bf, tried to act manly by saying he's going to settle the prob his own...fuck him la..what the fuck can you do? try to control Y first la...piece of shit!!!!
owh damn...i'm like geting confused myself wif all these x'es and y'es....
so if you wana know more, just visit www.jonathansureshraj.blogspot.com....